Ole Alvseike, DVM, PhD

Director of R&D and Food safety, Animalia – Norwegian Meat and Poultry Research Centre

The core of his research activities is to address the challenges of the Norwegian meat industry. Safety of meat, meat quality, animal welfare in slaughterhouses automation and digital transformation are topics he has been involved into. The safety level in our value chains is very good and then it is about keeping the level, but do it more cost-efficient.

Ole leads WG4 together with Miguel Prieto (Spain).

His contribution to the training school are the following:

  • Introducing the group work : Risk-based systems and sustainability
  • Meat Safety Assurance Systems and Sustainability as follow-up from group work
  • Practical solutions to digital transformations

I hope the Training School will provide you with a very good network, and that you are inspired to contribute to veterinary public health in the future.

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