Maria Olga Varrà

Post-doctoral Researcher of Hygiene and Inspection of Food of Animal Origin, University of Parma, Italy

Her research activity focuses on the development of new methods for safety and traceability of foods of animal origin. She also engages in risk assessment of exposure to organic and inorganic contaminants, employing both deterministic and probabilistic approaches.

Maria Olga is one of the teachers at the Training School, guiding the group work focusing on dioxins in poultry. 

The topics that will be addressed include: 

  • The transfer and accumulation of dioxins and PCBs in different poultry production systems, exploring their pathways and levels of contamination
  • Conducting exposure assessments to evaluate the dietary intake of dioxins by individuals consuming poultry products, assessing the potential health risks associated with such exposure 
  • Characterizing the risks associated with dioxin exposure in relation to poultry consumption, considering factors such as exposure levels, health effects, and regulatory implications. 

Participating in this training school is certain to provide a fulfilling and enriching experience, fostering cultural exchange and cultivating a global network of knowledge and connections. 

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