Diana Meemken

Professor of Meat Hygiene, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany, Dipl. ECPHM

The core elements of her research activities are investigating the epidemiology of zoonotic pathogens in food producing animals and food products as well as designing intervention strategies along the food chain. She furthermore focus on the continuous enhancement of the effectiveness of the risk-based meat inspection by developing and verifying evaluation systems for food safety, herd health and animal welfare.

Diana leads WG2 together with Truls Nesbakken and is one of the training school organisers. The workshop she prepares deals with the pre-harvest interventions like vaccinations, phages, competitive exclusion, diet manipulation and probiotics.

Her contribution to the training school are the following:

  • Welcome message, summary of WG2 tasks
  • Introductive description of pre-harvest meat safety interventions
  • Workshop on pre-harvest meat safety interventions: Case 3

I am convinced that this Training School will broaden the horizons of each individual because of the international participants.

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