Joana Pessoa

DVM, PhD student and ECVPH resident, Teagasc and UC Dublin, Ireland & KU Leuven, Belgium

Joana studied Veterinary Medicine in the University of Lisbon and completed her Master thesis on the burden of foodborne pathogens in Denmark. She is currently doing her PhD and ECVPH residency in Ireland. Joana’s PhD focuses on the optimization and validation of Precision Livestock Farming technologies and meat inspection data to improve welfare and respiratory health in pigs.

Joana is one of the training school speakers and she will be giving a lecture on:

  • Systematic literature review on pre-harvest food safety interventions for broilers (proven efficacy by Randomised Controlled Trials).

In this session we will present and discuss the results of the broiler systematic review we conducted in WG2 and we will discuss our findings and their implications. Participants will get a good overview of the process involved in conducting systematic reviews using the PRISMA methodology, and of the results we obtained.

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