Kurt Houf

Full professor in veterinary public health, University of Ghent, Belgium

I am veterinarian and Diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Public Health, teaching several aspects of food safety and quality to veterinary and biology students at the University of Ghent and the University of Antwerp. My main research domain is microbial hazards in food, including all aspects of isolation, identification and characterization, elucidation of transmission routes and pathogenesis, microbioma interactions and persistence in a farm and industrial environment.

Kurt is one of the training school organisers, and will:

  • present an overview of chemical abattoir interventions and microbiological validation of interventions in the session of meat safety interventions at harvest
  • moderate the workshop on hazard-based vs GHP-based interventions – how to evaluate the interventions’ effectiveness against specific hazards

If you want to know which and how already well-known, but also lesser-known interventions at slaughterhouse level can contribute to more food safety, and if you want to renew your insight into modern bacterial analysis techniques, this training school will certainly be of interest.

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