Marco De Nardi

Marco De Nardi (DVM, MSc Vet Epi, Dipl. ECVPH Population Medicine)EBVS® European Specialist in Veterinary Public HealthSAFOSO Senior consultant epidemiologist

Marco De Nardi has a broad working experience in the field of animal health, epidemiology and food safety in developed and less developed countries. He has a broad experience in working in public and private veterinary sectors, international organizations (OIE, EFSA, FAO, WB) and with academia. Marco, who joined SAFOSO in 2013, contributes to various SAFOSO research and capacity building projects as a senior consultant epidemiologist. His special interest is in research projects where the research component contributes to enhanced risk-management strategies and capacity-building activities.

Marco is organizing Farm Workshop 1 “Diagnostics, detection of hazards on the farm: direct & indirect detection methods” together with Patrik Buholzer.

In this case study, students will discuss and explore how monitoring and surveillance programmes could be set up and combined, including the use of new technologies and the incorporation of different approaches to make the best use of the data obtained to improve animal health and welfare.

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