Maria Rodrigues da Costa

Lecturer in veterinary epidemiology, Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC)

Maria is a researcher also involved in teaching and knowledge exchange. Her main research interests are pig health and welfare, paying particular focus on its interconnections with veterinary public health. Maria combines data analysis and visualization with her veterinary expertise to generate and interpret useful information for farmers, stakeholders and national authorities.

Maria is one of the training school speakers and she has been actively working in WG2. She will deliver the session:

  • Systematic literature review on pre-harvest food safety interventions for pigs and cattle (proven efficacy by Randomised Controlled Trials)

In this session we will present and discuss the results of the pig and cattle systematic reviews we conducted in WG2: what did we find and what are its implications? We expect participants to get a good overview of systematic review processes done using the PRISMA methodology and the decisions to be made along the way, and also to consider the results we obtained under the scope of the different livestock farming systems across Europe.

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