Michaela Hempen

Senior scientific officer, European Food safety Authority (EFSA)

I am Senior Scientific Officer in the Unit on Biological Hazards & Animal Health and Welfare (BIOHAW) of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). My role is as risk assessor in the field of biological hazards by providing scientific support to the EFSA Scientific Panel on Biological Hazards (BIOHAZ Panel) in the area of foodborne zoonoses (e.g. Campylobacter spp. in broiler meat, foodborne parasites, hepatitis E virus, meat inspection, HACCP, Date marking).

Michaela will deliver following presentation:

  • EFSA opinions on meat inspection

You will learn about meat inspection procedures for meat of various animal species. The main purpose of meat inspection is to prevent and detect public health hazards such as foodborne pathogens or chemical contaminants in meat. EFSA published several scientific opinions on meat inspection which identify and rank public health hazards in meat and recommends possible improvements for inspection of meat at EU level. These include revising current methods that may not be adequate for detecting risks or are disproportionate to the risk involved.

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