Patrik Buholzer

Co-CEO SAFOSO AG, Switzerland

I have been working in the field of animal diseases for more than 15 years. During this time, I have worked for several international diagnostic companies worldwide and am now with SAFOSO ( During my career, I had the chance to work together with different authorities, organizations and private industry from all over the world on numerous projects. This not only helped me to gain a better understanding of animal diseases and their control but also allowed me to gain a profound knowledge of veterinary diagnostics, and its application in different settings.

Finding adequate and situation appropriate solutions to challenges in the field of animal health and food safety are my passion.

Patrik is one of the workshop organisers. He is organizing Farm Workshop 1 “Diagnostics, detection of hazards on the farm: direct & indirect detection methods” together with Marco De Nardi.

After the workshop, participants should have gained a broader perspective on diagnostics that allows them to combine different approaches to get a more comprehensive picture.

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