Rhea Creve

Scientific support officer, Biocheck.Gent BV

I am the newest member of the Biocheck.UGent team, where I bring support in all its forms. My main interests are in infectious diseases, in a One Health setting, and focusing on preventive measurements to ensure animals’ health status.

With Biocheck.UGent we focus on biosecurity as the first and primary level of disease prevention in animal production.

Biocheck.UGent is a scientific- and risk-based online scoring tool to quantify the level of biosecurity on livestock farms in an objective manner. The tool can be used to provide tailor-made advice on how to improve the biosecurity level. Because if you can measure it, you can improve it!

Improved biosecurity on livestock farms has beneficial effects on the animals but also the humans surrounding them. With Biocheck.UGent we want to support people in improving their disease prevention.

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