Ting-Ting Li

DVM, Research Associate in Meat Safety, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

In 2021, Ting-Ting successfully completed her veterinary medicine studies and began working on her dissertation under the supervision of Professor Diana Meemken. As part of her doctoral thesis, she is dedicated to assessing the current status of implementation and utilisation of food chain information (FCI) and harmonised epidemiological indicators (HEIs) for pigs in Europe. In addition, she is involved in research and teaching activities within the Meat Hygiene Working Group. Among other things, this includes teaching and training students in the framework of ante- and post-mortem meat inspection, as well as conducting investigations on the contamination and microbiological status of slaughter animals.

Ting-Ting is an active member of WG2 and her contribution to the training school include:

  • Presentation of the current status quo of FCI and HEIs for pigs in Europe
  • Discussion of using FCI and HEIs as tools for risk categorisation of pig farms

I am excited to engage with all participants from diverse backgrounds and fields to teach and learn about different perspectives on the effectiveness and potential improvements of risk-based meat inspection.

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