Susann Langforth

Senior Researcher for Meat Hygiene, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany

Her research in meat hygiene is wide-ranging – from tackling animal welfare violations legally at the abattoir to the mitigation of contamination on pig carcasses. A particular focus is currently on the investigation of food chain information for broilers in Germany and across Europe.

Susann is member of Working Group 2 of the RIBMINS network.

Susann’s contribution to the training school is:

  • (together with Nina Langkabel) a presentation about Food Chain Information (FCI) and Harmonized Epidemiological Indicators (HEIs) for broilers in the section on risk categorization of farms and abattoirs

This Training School with its amazing number of professionals in meat hygiene in Europe will present many results of the RIBMINS network and at the same time introduce people to the modern risk-based meat safety assurance systems.

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