Nina Langkabel

Senior Researcher for Meat Hygiene, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany, Dipl. ECVPH

Nina’s research is not focused on only one topic but compromises food safety, post mortem findings and animal welfare related issues in the context of Veterinary Public Health of poultry, pigs, cattle and horses at slaughter. Currently her main research activities deal with microbiological and hygienic process controls and analyses at abattoirs of broilers and pigs, the documentation requirements in slaughter equines and the preparation of eLearning training modules to improve the welfare of cattle and pigs at transport and slaughter.

Nina is part of the WG4 and WG2 of the RIBMINS network discussion groups.

Nina’s contributions to the training school are:

  • a presentation of Food Chain Information (FCI) and Harmonized Epidemiological Indicators (HEIs) for bovines
  • and (together with Susann Langforth) a presentation of FCI and HEIs for broilers

I am looking forward to the joint discussions as they will bring us all further and as together we can advance the idea of the Risk-based Meat Safety Assurance Systems in Europe.

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