Martijn Bouwknegt

Research Manager Food Safety, Vion Food Group, The Netherlands

Vion is in international producer of pork, beef and plant-based meat alternatives. Martijn is appointed as research manager to assure the latest scientific insights are included in Vion’s decision making. The core elements of his activities are conducting research together with Universities and Research Institutes on the food safety and sustainability of pork, beef and plant-based meat alternatives. Modelling and quantitative risk assessment are at the core of his activities. He holds an MSc and PhD in Animal Sciences from Wageningen University.

Martijn contributed to WG1 and WG3 in RIBMINS, and co-leads the task on developing the risk based categorization of abattoirs.

His contributions to the training school are the following:

  • Case 3: Toxoplasma in pigs
  • Global risk categorisation of pig farms and pig abattoirs based on four pig hazards
  • Metagenomics in food safety diagnostics in comparison to the classical culturing

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