Andrea Capobianco Dondona

CEO, Cofounder and Veterinarian, Farm4trade, Italy

Andrea, CEO at Farm4trade, is a veterinary epidemiologist with over 16 years of experience as a wildlife veterinarian, both in the field and in a veterinary diagnostic laboratory. He currently also works as Global Early Warning System Coordinator for FAO leading the activities on disease intelligence, monitoring, analysis and forecasting to ensure early warning and early action for transboundary disease threats. Over the years Andrea gained considerable experience in the designing, development and management of animal health information systems and the application of new technologies, including artificial intelligence, to the public health sector.

Andrea has worked with WG4 together with Ol Arne Alvseike and is one of the presenter.

His contribution to the training school is a presentation during the session on Future Trends with the following title “Practical solutions to computerized vision systems”.

I am convinced that innovation is already a major driver of our work, and we must commit ourselves to know and understand what is happening to best lead our professional future. This Training School is an excellent opportunity to engage all the international participants.

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