Sophie Kittler

Senior lecturer in food quality and food safety, University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover

I am a leader of the workgroup for food molecular biology and antimicrobial strategies and regularly involved in teaching, research and knowledge exchange. We aim to develop antimicrobial strategies against zoonotic foodborne pathogens along the food production chain. My research interests are in food microbiology, developing novel multi-hurdle mitigation strategies that can improve public health in a One Health approach along the food production chain, including phage application and bacteriocin production.

Sophie will be involved in the workshop case study 3 on:

  • Other pre-harvest interventions: phages; vaccines, probiotics (competitive exclusion), diet manipulation, etc.

Based on your experience, I will try to give inputs that include practical and experimental issues and can be used by veterinary public health workers and researchers to evaluate mitigation strategies against foodborne pathogens.

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