Thiemo Albert

Senior lecturer in food hygiene, Institute of Food Hygiene, Veterinary Faculty, University of Leipzig

I am veterinarian, Diplomate of ECVPH and senior academic regularly involved in teaching, research, and knowledge exchange in food microbiology. My research interests are focused on the stability of foodborne bacterial and viral pathogens along the food processing chain as well on non-thermal technologies for decontamination of food and food-contact surfaces.

Thiemo is one of the training school teachers. He will give a lecture on novel decontamination treatments and non-thermal technologies, which will cover several aspects:

  • Overview of novel treatments and the legal background
  • Novel treatments/non-thermal physical treatments as an option for abattoir interventions
  • Selected examples, recent knowledge and prospects

If you want to get a recent overview about non-thermal physical technologies and their potential to be used for the decontamination of carcasses and fresh meat, you are in the right place!