RIBMINS at SafePork 2023

A scientific conference SAFEPORK 2023 has been held on 15-17 May 2023 in New Orleans (USA). Several RIBMINS members presented RIBMINS’s and their own work related to pig RB-MSAS.

In relation to the conference, a workshop on development of RB-MSAS was held. Lis Alban moderated the workshop.



Diana Meemken (DE) – Farm risk categorization and pre-harvest strategies

Bojan Blagojevic (SR) – Abattoir risk categorization and harvest strategies

Madalena Vieira-Pinto (PT) – Risk-based meat inspection

Andrea Capobianco Dondona (IT) – New vision-based technologies

Arja Helena Kautto (SE) – Meat inspection from a distance

Maybritt Kiel Poulsen (DK) – Ante-mortem inspection from a distance

Andrew Bailey (US) – Views on RB-MSAS from USA

Elenita Ruttscheidt Albuquerque (BR) – Views on RB-MSAS from Brazil

Anne Klottrup (DK) – Views on RB-MSAS from Denmark

Fred Unger / Delia Randolph (ILRI, VN) – Views on RB-MSAS from low- and middle-income countries

Derk Oorburg (NL) – Views from a Food Business Operator’s point of view

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