Future meat safety

RIBMINS WG4 “Training school on future meat safety” was organised as virtual event from February 3rd – 5th, 2021.

Description and programme

Meet the teachers

Introduction of the cases for the group assignment

Post training school press release


Ole Alvseike – Welcome – presentationvideo
Lis Alban – RIBMINS Background – presentationvideo
Lis Alban – Principles for risk based surveillance – presentationvideo
Sergio Ghidini – Overview and principles of meat inspection – presentationvideo
Lis Alban – Risk assesment – presentationvideo
Ole Alvseike – Paradigms – presentationvideo
Ole Alvseike – Legislative needs – presentationvideo
Silvia Bonardi – Salmonella in the pork production – presentationvideo
Frank Boelaert – Campylobacter surveillance and control in EU – presentationvideo
Sergio Ghidini – Meat inspection codes – presentationvideo
Lis Alban – Examples of risk-based meat inspection in bovines – presentationvideo
Silvia Bonardi – Harmonised epidemiological indicators – presentationvideo
Sergio Ghidini – Food chain information systems – presentationvideo
Maurizio Ferri – Skills, competence and tasks – video

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