Training School on RB-MSAS focusing on risk categorisation of farms and abattoirs

Training School on “Risk-based Meat Safety Assurance Systems focusing on risk categorisation of farms and abattoirs” will be organised as virtual event on June 13th – 16th, 2023.

Description and programme



Welcome message – video
Bojan Blagojevic: Introduction to Risk-based Meat Safety Assurance Systems – presentationvideo
Simon Rüegg: System thinking: Brucellosis – video
Ole Alvseike: Risk-based systems and sustainability – presentationvideo
Michaela Hempen: Overview of EFSA´s opinions, basis for the modernisation of meat inspection – presentationvideo
Boris Antunovic: Legislation framework that leads to Meat Safety Assurance System changes – presentationvideo
Stig Gezelius: Enforcement and society: Why people obey or resist the law – presentationvideo
Lis Alban: Process from traditional to visual only inspection – presentationvideo
Ole Alvseike: Meat Safety Assurance Systems and Sustainability – presentationvideo

Diana Meemken: Food Chain Information (FCI) and Harmonized Epidemiological Indicators (HEIs) as tool for risk categorisation of farms, background – presentationvideo
Ting-Ting Li: FCI & HEIs for pigs – presentationvideo
Susann Langforth: FCI & HEIs for broilers – presentationvideo
Nina Langkabel: FCI & HEIs for bovines – presentationvideo
Diana Meemken: Using FCI & HEIs for risk categorisation of farms – presentationvideo
Niko Dadios: Food safety management systems – presentationvideo
Morgane Salines: Keynote on risk categorisation of abattoirs by FCI and HEIs – presentationvideo
Lis Alban: Introducing the concepts of risk analysis with focus on risk assessment – presentationvideo

Morgane Salines, Martijn Bouwknegt, Dragan Antic, Truls Nesbakken: Global risk categorisation of pig farms and pig abattoirs based on four pig hazards – presentationvideo
Boris Antunovic: Introducing the concepts of risk communication – presentationvideo
Eduarda Gomes-Neves: Official Veterinarians in Europe: a survey for the characterization of demographics and training needs for future Meat Safety Assurance System – presentationvideo

Boris Antunovic: Challenges and opportunities in the implementation of new meat inspection systems in Europe – presentationvideo
Ole Alvseike: Practical solutions to digital transformations – presentationvideo
Andrea Capobianco Dondona: Practical solutions to computerized vision systems – presentationvideo
Viktor Almqvist: Practical solutions to remote ante and post mortem inspection – presentationvideo
Simone Belluco: Future roles of vets in food production: From pathology-> microbiology->epidemiology – presentationvideo
Lis Alban: Risk-based handling in relation to meat inspection – presentationvideo
Diana Meemken: New application possibilities in the diagnostic methods: multiserology – presentationvideo
Martjin Bouwknegt: Metagenomics in food safety diagnostics in comparison to the classical culturing – presentationvideo
Bojan Blagojevic: New application possibilities in the diagnostic methods: Acute phase proteins – presentationvideo
Eystein Skjerve: Next steps: evidence-based decisions: data management, connection between
lesion and microbiological burden, algorithm and artificial intelligence – presentationvideo


Group work general information about scenarios (PDF)

FSMS Performance assessment guide – Niko Dadios (video)

Abattoir risk categorisations

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